SVN import/checkout 터미널 커멘드

One way is using an svn client. The one which is obviously available is the command line svn client. So here’s how I use it:

Our repository is: The repository is added to Xcode using Xcode->Preferences->Accounts.

  • Create a new project inside Xcode 5: $HOME/IOS/Projects/MyProject
  • Close the project or maybe even better close Xcode to avoid Xode interfering with svn. Really.
  • Open a terminal and change directory into the projects folder
    cd $HOME/IOS/Projects
  • Import the project into svn:
    svn import -m "New Import"  MyProject/
  • Checkout the project again to create a working copy
    svn co https://myserver/svn/trunk/MyProject MyProject
  • Re-open the project in Xcode and enjoy svn. The project is now part of the repo.

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